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Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the best vision possible.  This philosophy is at the core of our embrace of the latest technologies and our commitment to highly customized eyeglasses.  All our prescription lenses are finished and fitted in house, on the most advanced lens edging machines available.

This commitment to on-site lab work has allowed us to truly offer customized and fully individualized lenses to our clients.  We are able to tailor and customize the shapes and sizes of all our rimless lenses, and are an authorized Cartier retailer, doing all Cartier lens work onsite.  Having our own edging lab also allows for faster turn around time and more convenient alternatives when needing to expedite an order.  We even tint our sunglass lenses on site, allowing for custom tints and gradient lens options.

One service our stores exclusively offer is a while-you-wait option.  If you cannot be without your glasses when you have a prescription change, the lenses can be preordered, and once the lenses arrive our technicians can complete the final fitting in either of our Georgetown or 14th Street locations.


In the last 5 years, remarkable advances have been made in single vision lenses, with new coatings like Crizal, Crizal Alize, and Crizal Avance with Scotch Guard, and Crizal Prevencia with Blue Light Protection; we offer our customers the level of protection they need to keep their vision crisp and clear for the life span of their glasses. Additionally, we also offer the thinnest lenses available in the market, 1.74 high-index lenses.

For those wanting the latest advances in single vision technology, we offer the Zeiss Single Vision Individual lens, which decreases peripheral distortions and aberrations typically found at the very edges of one’s vision. We primarily offer our customers progressive lenses from Shamir, Zeiss and Varilux. We are also able to provide lenses from Hoya and a variety of other high end lens manufacturers.

From Zeiss we offer the Individual 2 and the Precision series of progressive lenses,  which offer enhanced peripheral vision with a digital lens design and the highest level of custom optics. These are all available with transitions, polarized sunglass options, and the Duravision branded anti-glare coatings.  We also carry Zeiss's revolutionary office-lens lineup, providing for custom solutions for intermediate and near vision needs.

From Varilux, we offer the Physio series and S series, and the their short corridor offerings. Our opticians welcome any inquiries on specific lenses not listed as well.